Search packages, etc.

Run a Cannon Package

Run a package from the explorer on a local node in seconds

Install Foundry if you haven’t already.

curl -L | bash

Install Cannon’s command-line interface.

npm install -g @usecannon/cli

Run any package from the explorer with a Cannon deployment. This will start an Anvil node with a deployment of the greeter package for local testing and development:

cannon greeter

Export the contract addresses and ABIs as a folder of JSON files. For example:

cannon inspect greeter --write-deployments ./deployments

The command-line tool has a lot of additional functionality, including the ability to run packages on local forks and interact with deployments on remote networks. For example, press the I key after running a package to interact directly with the contracts using the CLI.Learn more

Next, build a protocol and add your own package to the registry.

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